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  1. EECS Faculty Research Achievement Award Dec. 2005.
  2. Third place in 2003 ACM Student Research Competition Grand Finals. June 03. News from ACM MemberNet and ACM SRC.
  3. First Annual Graduate Research Awards, UC-Riverside. Mar 03
  4. First place in ACM SIGCSE Student Research Competition . Feb 03
  5. I/O Software Innovation Scholarship. Nov 02
  6. Summer Research Grant from Computer Sci. Dept. of UC Riverside, July 01.
  7. Chancellor's Distinguished Fellowship from UC Riverside, Aug. 00.
  8. First Price in the National Contest for College Students on Mathematics Modeling in China Jan. 95
  9. Price of Outstanding Student in Peking University 91-94


Together with Mark Lewin, Microsoft Research representative, on Annul ACM Awards Banquet June 7, 2003 in San Diego, CA.
SRC Coordinator Ann Sobel and Microsoft Research representative Mark Lewin presented the ACM SRC Final Awards.
Annul ACM Awards Banquet June 7, 2003 in San Diego, CA.
Presented my work on the UC Riverside First Annul Graduate Research Awards and Colloquium on Mar 21, 2003.
Together with other recipients of Graduate Research Awards and Honorable Mentions.
Presented my work on ACM SIGCSE in Reno, NV, Feb, 2003.
I/O Software annual Innovation Scholarship award ceremony: (from left to right) US Congressman Ken Calvert, Jing Li (2002 recipient), France Cordova (Chancellor of UCR), William Saito (CEO, I/O Software), Riverside, CA, Nov 1st, 2002.

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