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    Conference Date Deadline Proceedings
    PSB Jan. July 1996-current
    RECOMB April Sep 1997-2004
    ISMB Aug. Jan. 2001-current
    CSB Aug. April
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  • Journals

    J. of Computational biology BioInformatics(1998-) JBCB Am. J. Human Genetics
    Nature Genetics Review Nature Genetics Science Nature
    Genome Research Comparative and Functional Genomics Genomics Genetical Research
    Nucl. Acids Res.(1996-) J.Mol.Evol.(1996-) Mol.Bio.Evol.(1983-) Syst.Bio.(1995-)
    Genetics(1998-) Genetical Research Genet Epidemiology The Annals of Human Genetics
    JSTOR J. from JBCB    

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    National Human Genome Research Inst. Human Genome Project Genetics Societies NIH
    The International Society for Computational Biology The Welcome Trust in UK BioMedNet National BioInfo Inst.

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