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HapMiner is a computer program for association mapping based on directly mining the haplotypes from case-control data via a density-based clustering algorithm. HapMiner can be applied to whole-genome screens, as well as candidate-gene studies in small genomic regions. Please send your comments and suggestions to Jing Li (JINGLI AT EECS DOT CASE DOT EDU).

  • Dowdload the Program

    The current version of HapMiner is 1.1, which includes the QTL mapping. If you use HapMiner, please send your email to me (JINGLI AT EECS DOT CASE DOT EDU), so that we can keep you informed of updates and we could have an idea of the level of interest in the program. Currently HapMiner Version 1.1 is available on Windows and Linux.

  • Citation

      Jing Li and Tao Jiang. Haplotype-based linkage disequilibrium mapping via direct data mining. Bioinformatics, 2005 21(24):4384-4393. Supplementary materials.
      Jing Li et al. Haplotype-based Quantitative Trait Mapping Using a Clustering Algorithm. Submitted.

  • Dataset

      The CF gene dataset and the FA dataset obtained from Dr. Jun Liu's website.
      The HLA dataset obtained from Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation/Wellcome Trust Diabetes and Inflammation Laboratory .
      The simulated dataset obtained from Dr. Hannu Toivonen.

    Updated 3/06/2006.