postdoctoral students

Sangeun Choi            (2003-2004, 2005) - Now at ABB Research, USA

Myun Joong Hwang   (2008-2009) - Now at Samsung Research, South Korea

Ozkan Bebek             (2008-2011) - Now faculty member at Ozyegin University, Turkey

ph.d. students

Ozkan Bebek (January 2008)  - Now faculty member at Ozyegin University, Turkey

                                  Thesis: Robotic-Assisted Beating Heart Surgery

Suriya Natsupakpong (December 2009) - Now faculty member at King Mongkut 's University of

                                                                Technology, Thonburi, Thailand

                                  Thesis: Physically Based Modeling and Simulation for Virtual Environment

                                             Based Surgical Training

Emine Zeynep Erson (September 2010) - Now postdoctoral researcher at Yale University

                                  Thesis: Development, Integration and Simulation of Multiscale Mathematical

                                         Models of Physiological Processes: A Software Engineering Perspective

Michael Fu (March 2011) - Now faculty member at Case Western Reserve University

                                  Thesis: Computational Models and Analyses of Human Motor Performance

                                             in Haptic Manipulation

Pasu Boonvisut (May 2013) -

                                 Thesis: Active Exploration of Deformable Object Boundary Constraints and

                                             Material Parameters Through Robotic Manipulation Data

Mark Renfrew (In progress, Ph.D. candidate)

Russell Jackson (In progress, Ph.D. candidate)

Taoming Liu (In progress, Ph.D. candidate)

Erdem Eser Tuna (In progress, Ph.D. candidate)

Tipakorn Greigarn (In progress, Ph.D. candidate)

Orhan Ozguner (In progress)

ms students

Nathan Wedge (August 2004) - Now at Case Western Reserve University

                                  Thesis: Analysis of Cellular Cardiac Bioelectricity Models towards

                                        Computationally Efficient Whole-Heart Simulation

Jason Rotella (August 2004) - Now at Lincoln Labs

                                  Thesis: Predictive Tracking of Quasi Periodic Signals for Active Relative

                                        Motion Cancellation in Robotic Assisted Coronary Artery Bypass

                                        Graft Surgery

Michael Fu (November 2005) - Continued as PhD Student

                                  Thesis: Assessment of EEG Event-Related Desynchronization in Stroke

                                         Survivors Performing Shoulder-Elbow Movements

Venkata Kode (November 2005) - Now at Visicon Inspection Technologies, Napa, CA
                                  Thesis: Design and Characterization of a Novel Hybrid Actuator Using

                                          Shape Memory Alloy and D.C. Motor for Minimally Invasive Surgery


Paul Jacobs (October 2006)

                                  Thesis: Collision Detection and Response and Haptic Interaction in Virtual

                                           Environment Simulation with Deformable Objects

Christian Miller (July 2007) - Now at University of Texas at Austin
                                  Thesis: A Simulation and Regression Testing Framework for Autonomous


Jonathan Hearn(January 2008) - Now at National Instruments, Austin, TX
                                  Thesis: Competitive Medical Image Segmentation with the Fast Marching


Mark Renfrew (June 2009) - Continued as PhD Student

                                  Thesis: A Comparison of Signal Processing and Classification Methods for

                                         Brain-Computer Interface

Nathan Brown (January 2010) - Now at Los Alamos National Laboratories

                                  Thesis: Accelerating SEM Depth Map Building with the GPU

Brandon Evans (May 2010)

                                  Project: A C++ MML Parser for Use in Systems Biology

Taoming Liu (September 2010) - Continued as PhD Student

                                  Thesis: Design and Prototyping of a Three Degrees of Freedom Robotic

                                         Wrist Mechanism for a Robotic Surgery System

Erdem Eser Tuna (September 2011) – Graduated from Bilkent University

                                                              -- Continued as PhD Student

                                  Thesis: Heart Motion Prediction Based on Adaptive Estimation Algorithms

                                        for Robotic-Assisted Beating Heart Surgery

Nathaniel Poirot (In progress)


Keehoon Kim (Ph.D. student from Pohang University of Science and Technology

                                    (POSTECH), South Korea, 2003-2004)

Svend Johannsen (B.S./M.S. student from Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (Technical University

                                     of Denmark), Copenhagen, Denmark, 2004-2005)

Fan Liang (Ph.D. student from Beihang University, Beijing, China, 2008-2010)

Eser Erdem Tuna (M.S. student from Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey, 2010-2011)

Tetsuya Horiuchi (Ph.D. student from University of Tokya, Japan, 2011-2012)

undergraduate research

Jason Rotella(Spring 2003 – Summer 2003)

Paul Jacobs(Summer 2003 – Summer 2004)

Christian Miller(Summer 2004)

Svend Johanssen(Fall 2004 – Summer 2005)

Christopher Shoemaker(Spring 2005, Fall 2005 – Spring 2007)

David Prabhu(Spring 2006 – Spring 2007)

Tim Franke        (Spring 2006 – Summer 2007)

John Pao        (Summer 2006 – Fall 2006)

Andrew Hershberger(Fall 2006 – Summer 2008)

Robin Hu        (Summer 2007 – Spring 2008)

Michael Hornfeck(Fall 2007 – Spring 2008)

Kenneth Hornfeck(Fall 2007 – Spring 2008)

BarbaraJoy Jones(Summer 2008 – Fall 2008, Summer 2009)

Fang Zhou        (Fall 2008, Summer 2009)

Akshaya Annavajhala(Summer 2009)

Deeptha Babu(Summer 2009)

Justin Lee        (Summer 2009)

Joshua Dudik(Summer 2010)

Joshua Matzek(Summer 2010 – Fall 2010)

Kumiko Sano(Summer 2010 – Fall 2011)

John Adams(Spring 2011 – Fall 2012)

Stephan Nieuwoudt(Spring 2011)

Conner Balin(Summer 2011)

Eric Young                (Summer 2011 – Summer 2013)

Lu Yu        (Summer 2011 – Fall 2011)

Sean Kruer        (Summer 2011)

Chendi Jin        (Spring 2012)

Andrew Ritosa(Summer 2012)

Eddie E. Massey, III    (Summer 2012 – Spring 2013)

Nathaniel Poirot         (Spring 2013 – Spring 2014)

Diego Waxemberg     (Spring 2013 – Summer 2013)

Marmeny Infante        (Spring 2013)

Xueyu “Jack” Hu        (Summer 2013)

Leah Feitl                   (Summer 2013, Spring 2014 – Fall 2014)

Haoran “Rick” Yuan   (Summer 2013 – Fall 2013, Summer 2014)

Reinhardt “Kam” Criss (Spring 2014 – Spring 2015)

Kaustubh Desai          (Spring 2014 – Fall 2014)

Jose Nazario             (Summer 2014 – Fall 2014)

Kristina Collins           (Spring 2015)

senior project students

Dan Meismer, Mark Renfrew                (Spring 2004)

Rocco Parro, Ran Ari-Gur, Chase Peers                (Fall 2004)

Jonathan Hearn, Robert Kofsky                (Spring 2005)

Mark Bell                                 (Summer 2005)

Hyung J. Kim                         (Summer 2005)

Di Xiao, Noah Berland, Mariam Nawawi, Yunni Hairuddin(Fall 2005)

Nasrulridza Yusuf, Mohd Zariff Amin Abu Bakar         (Fall 2006)

Mike Monkiewicz, Drew Wallet                (Fall 2006)

Tim Franke                                 (Spring 2008)

Christopher Shoemaker, Mark Notargiacomo, Mike Spence(Fall 2008)

Kumiko Sano, Cory Breed, Edward Yanosik        (Spring 2011)