Michael (Misha) Rabinovich

Case Western Reserve University
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
10900 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44106-7071

full first name (not nickname).family name at case period edu
Voice: (216) 368-4559
FAX: (216) 368-6888

Research Interests (see my CV for more details)


Our work on using content delivery networks as conduit for denial of service attacks was the topic of an IEEE Spectrum article in its February'2011 issue.


  • Abhijit Jejurkar (MS'2007 -> Medtronics)
  • Michael Jolson (MS'2007 -> Microsoft)
  • Maaz Khan (MS'2011-> Bloomberg Financial Services)
  • Eamon Johnson (MS'2011 -> Case PhD student)
  • Song Zhao (MS'2013 - Cisco)
  • Zakaria Al-Qudah (PhD'2009 -> Yarmouk University, Jordan)
  • Zhihua Wen (PhD'2009 -> Microsoft)
  • Hangwei Qian (PhD'2012 -> VMWare)
  • Sipat Triukose (PhD'2013 -> NICTA (National ICT Australia))
  • Tom Callahan (PhD'2013 -> Explorys)
  • Hussein Alzoubi (PhD'2014 -> Bloomberg Financial Services)
  • Tu Ouyang (ABD, PhD in progress -> Twitter)
  • Kyle Schomp (PhD'2016 -> Akamai)

Our research has been supported by NSF (Grants CNS-0831821, CNS-0721890, CNS-0520105, CNS-0615190, CNS-0551603), AT&T, and Lockheed Martin Corp.