Prof. Merat's Available Senior Projects

CWRU contact information: Prof. Frank Merat,, Glennan 518,VOICE 216-368-4572

These all old projects. New projects will apper shortly.

This is my page from 9 years ago.

See also my Web pages for Summer Senior Project

EECS 398/399 Summer 2002

EECS 398/399 Summer 2003

EECS 398/399 Summer 2004

Available Projects

The first four are my main priorities in no particular order:

Additional Projects

These are new senior projects or new extensions of previous projects.

Old Projects

These are projects which have been submitted in the past. Either no one was interested in them or they have not been worked on for several years. You should contact the indicated sponsor to see if this project or a related project is still available.
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