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Matt Sargent

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Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science, Case Western Reserve University, Expected Graduation August 2015.

B.S., Computer Science, Ohio University, 2009.

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Research Projects

Detecting Network Filtering via Passive Observation

We leverage a large darknet consisting of five /8 networks to assess the state of TCP port 443 filtering. We describe a methodology that allows us to detect filtering (or lack thereof) of TCP port 443 across a large portion of the network, before examining the limitations of discovering filtering via passive observation.

TCP Usage by Modern Applications

TCP connections are often modeled as bulk-transfers when simulating network traffic. This work proposes a new, application-agnostic, methodology for capturing the behavior of TCP connections on the network and assesses how often modern applications use TCP for purposes other than bulk transfer.

TCP Performance Analysis on a Fiber-To-The-Home Network

In this work, we examine the performance of TCP connections on a residential fiber network. After exploring the performance traffic is able to achieve, we study high-volume TCP connections in order to pinpoint what prevents TCP from using the excess available bandwidth in the network.

User Behavior on a Fiber-To-The-Home Network

We perform a long-term study of a residential fiber network. We collect and analyze data over a two-year period in order to understand the way users behave on a network with excess bandwidth.

RTO Assessment

We examine the performance implications of changing the initial RTO for a TCP connection from 3 seconds to 1 second. We gather traces from four vantage points at different times and study how often connections would be negatively or positively affected by the change.


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